3-D Motion Capture Commercial For Castrol Magnatec

Jim choreographed an animated commercial for Castrol Magnatec utilizing 3-D motion capture technology. This is the third time Jim has worked with Animated Storyboards on 3-D motion capture. In this commercial, a female dancer represented Magnatec and a male dancer represented the engine. The duet showed how she would keep him protected and covered at all times. The motion from the dancers was recorded so that an animation can be made from the movement.

His previous Animated Storyboard commercials were for Oral-B, which used dance to simulate the action of the toothbrush, and for Tide-Ariel pods, which used dance to demonstrate the fun and ease-of-use of Tide-Ariel’s laundry detergent pods. In both of these commercials, the movement from two dancers was multiplied to create a large number of dancers via animation.